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Safety Matters at Bogner Construction

We have been recognized by the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation and earned Safety Awards for outstanding safety performance year after year.

Protecting Our Clients

Initiating and maintaining the highest quality safety program in the industry protects not only Bogner, but our clients, as well. We have established, and continuously work to improve, our well-recognized award-winning safety program by employing a full-time safety official and taking a positive, proactive stance on all aspects of safety.

Lost-Time Rate 25% Under National Average

For many years, Bogner has received the Contractor's Safety Award for achieving a Lost-Time Incident Rate of 25% below the national average.

At ALL Bogner Construction Work Sites, we require:

  • 100% hard hat use, safety glasses, gloves, and safety green apparel

  • All superintendents complete, at a minimum, the OSHA 30-Hour Safety Course, CPR, and Basic First Aid courses

  • All jobsite employees complete, at a minimum, the OSHA 10-Hour Safety Course, CPR, and Basic First Aid courses

  • Our excavation foremen and operators successfully pass the Trench Safety Certification as required by OSHA guidelines.

  • New hire employees receive both safety and drug-free safety training

Drug-Free Safety Program

We are an advanced-level, Drug-Free Work Place as outlined by the Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation. All personnel are subject to pre-hire, random, post-accident, and suspicion-based testing.

Statewide Winner Two Times

The Ohio Contractor's Association conducts an annual competition to determine the outstanding safety program in the state. Bogner Construction is one of the few firms to have won this state-wide safety award two times.

OSHA Elite Contractor

Under the former OSHA recognition system, Bogner was designated as an "Elite Contractor" for exceeding specific safety criteria. Our safety team has conducted seminars throughout the state on issues related to construction industry safety.

A Merit-Rated General Contractor

Bogner has been a Merit-Rated Contractor for the past 13 years, based on the Ohio BWC Experience Modifications Rate System.

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