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Wooster City Schools

Ellen Shapiro Natatorium Renovation

The $1.6 million, 2018 Natatorium Renovation at Wooster High School involved a lot more than a water change out--although emptying, refilling, and reheating a 650,000 gallon pool is no easy feat! The pool equipment got a much-needed overhaul including new a UV system, new filtration media, and new pumps. The entire pool area was repainted from top to bottom - requiring the use of specialized lifts to cantilever over the pool area. The same lifts were also utilized for the LED lighting upgrades throughout the space. The locker rooms also received new paint on the ceilings and walls as well as new epoxy flooring, new lockers, new LED lighting, and new toilet partitions. When it was all said and done, approximately 1,500 gallons of paint were used throughout the project. Then, the entire project was topped off with a shiny, new Fibertite roofing system.


Lastly, a number of security features were incorporated into the adjacent hallways. In particular, a new curtain-wall system was installed to aid in keeping the separation between the academic wing of the school and the natatorium space, which is also utilized by the public during the day.

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