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The College of Wooster

Lowry Center; Student Center Transformation

Lowry was originally constructed in 1966 and serves as the main dining hall for students and staff along with housing other student service departments.


The current 77,909-square-foot facility is undergoing a major interior demolition and renovation project along with getting two additions to the West and East, and a complete upgrade to all of the surrounding landscape and patio surfaces. When completed, the new facility will have added 14,301 square feet of space for a new total useable space of 92,210 square feet for students.


The project is being completed on a phased approach as Dining Services must remain open in order to feed the entire campus population. Once completed, the facility traffic and flow patterns will be completely changed and optimized: the dining hall will be on the main floor in lieu of the second floor;  The Bookstore, Campus Store, Mail Services and Copy Center will all be in the Lower Level along with the Radio Station and Alley.


The Second Floor will be 100% dedicated to student spaces & services and will be comprised of a large common lounge with adjacent quiet study nooks, meeting rooms, Dean of Students, Resident Life, Student Activities, Voice, CDI, WAC and an All Faith Chapel.


Finally, the exterior will have new enlarged patios, surrounding walks, landscaping, trees and a new water feature.

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