Safety at Bogner Construction

Worksite Safety


At Bogner Construction, we focus on construction safety. We know we’re not only keeping our workers safe, but we are also keeping spouses, parents, and grandparents safe—the very people that make up our community.  

With that in mind, we require the following at all Bogner Construction sites:  

  • The use of hard hats, safety glasses, gloves and safety green apparel 100% of the time while on job sites 
  • OSHA 30-Hour Safety Course, CPR and Basic First Aid courses for all superintendents  
  • OSHA 10-Hour Safety Course, CPR and Basic First Aid courses for all jobsite workers  
  • Trench Safety Certification, as required by OSHA guidelines, for all excavation foremen and operators  
  • We are an Advanced Level Participant in the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Drug-Fee Safety Program (DFSP).













Safety Awards

As a company committed to safety, we are proud of our proven track record and safety awards. 

  • OSHA Elite Contractor Award  
  • Ohio Contractor’s Association, Outstanding Safety Award (Bogner Construction is one of the few firms to have won this state-wide award two times) 
  • 13-year Merit-Rated General Contractor, based on the Ohio BWC Experience Modifications Rating System 
Saftey Awards