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Top-Left - Bob Bogner (1st), Pete Bogner (2nd), Ted Bogner (3rd)
Bottom-Left - Adam Bogner, Tim Bogner, Brian Bogner, Mike Bogner
(All part of the 4th generation)

Bogner Construction Project Circa 1907

Theodore I. Bogner (6th in from the left) pictured with his crew circa 1907, working on the Jamison House

A 100+ Year Family Tradition of Engineering Excellence

Bogner Construction Founder - Theodore I. Bogner in 1897

Theodore I. Bogner

"Experience is the best teacher, but the tuition is so damned high!"

In 1897 Theodore I. Bogner started work as a carpenter in his hometown of Wooster, Ohio. In 1913 he joined forces with a masonry contractor forming the highly successful general construction firm of Bogner & Long. This firm worked throughout north central Ohio on a wide range of projects until 1929. From 1929 until 1946, Theodore Bogner was “his own boss.” In late 1945 Mr. Bogner's sons, Richard and Robert, joined him in business after their tours of duty in World War II.

Theodore Bogner and Sons, Inc. was one of the outstanding general construction firms in Ohio for the next 33 years. Their geographic range encompassed the entire state of Ohio.

In 1979 it was merged into Bogner Construction Company as the third generation of Bogner’s assumed leadership of the firm. With this management change, came a new sense of direction as the firm rapidly branched into Construction Management and Design-Build.

Now in its fourth generation, Bogner Construction Company has continuously refined its approach to Construction and Program Management, providing services to governmental, institutional, educational, commercial and industrial clients throughout the United States.

The Bogner organization has an office and supervisory staff of 36 full-time professionals. Our workforce has peaked at a total of 200 to 250 during some construction seasons.

We Can Build It

Wooster Brush Corporate HeadquartersThe only limits on Bogner's potential is that of our clients' ability to dream. Bring us any design and we will bring it to life! The Wooster Brush Co. [pictured left] is such a client, and has brought us many exciting construction projects as we've watched them grow over the decades.

Kauke Hall - Interior RedesignWhen you've had 100+ years to build your team, it's inevitable that you become proficient in all areas of your business. Bogner Construction has amassed some truly amazing craftsmen that can recreate historical building interiors, or completely modernize them to maximize efficiency ~ you decide.

Our Main Project Types

Although Bogner Construction can draw on extensive experience & skill sets across all fields of construction, the majority of our business comes from the following construction types:

Experience & Abilities That Maximize Our Clients Competitiveness

Scot-Center at The College of Wooster - LEED Gold Award Winner We continually strive to be true innovators in the construction industry. We think our most modern structures reflect that effort. Pictured right is the Scot Center at The College of Wooster that was proudly awarded the LEED Gold Certification. The complex was finished in 2011, and remains a “crown jewel” of the Wooster community. Read more ...

In today's economy it's more important than ever to keep our clients as competitive as possible. Choosing a well established construction firm like Bogner means you'll enjoy our use of proprietary construction secrets to maximize project efficiency while reducing costs and building time. We encourage you to view our portfolio for a better overview of our award winning construction techniques.

The fastest way to save substantial money on your construction project, is to hire a competent construction management firm. In properly planning the stages of each construction element, a massive amount of time can be saved. These savings are passed on to our clients along with an on-schedule completion of the project at hand. To learn more, visit our construction project managemet page.

Skilled trades like millwrights, pipe fitters, electricians, and master masons are becoming more and more rare in America. This shortage keeps our Millwright Service workers very busy. As a sub-service, the Bogner millwright team will rent out our heavy machinery mobile cranes to the general public. Each crane rental comes with an operator, permits (if required), and any needed support vehicles.

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